Are you new to student employment? Have there been a lot of changes since you first started? If so, then Student Employment Essentials [SEE] is for you! This training program, sponsored by the National Student Employment Association [NSEA], is coordinated by MASEA to offer additional services for you with valuable topics.

What is SEE Training?

Two one-day, professional seminars that will teach you the skills critical to the success of every student employment professional as well as to your university's student employment program. These "hands-on" workshops immerse participants in all aspects of running a successful student employment office and provide a framework for you to sharpen existing skills and acquire new ones.

Expert trainers will provide you with well-researched, practical information you can apply immediately. The value is unbeatable, registration may be as low as $189 (depending on location), and you'll get a wide range of the most important student employment information, access to an expert, lunch, the opportunity to share information with colleagues, a training manual, and a Certificate of Completion.

Training sessions are offered in each of NSEA's four regional organizations- Western, Midwest, Northeast, and Southern - throughout the year.

Track A:  Legal Issues in Student Employment
  • Employment Regulations
  • Developing Training Programs
  • Employing International Students
  • I-9's and W-4's
  • Interviewing & Selection
  Track B:  Job Development & FWS in Student Employment
  • Federal Work Study (FWS) - Program Management and Administration
  • FWS - Student Eligibility
  • FWS - Job Location and Development (JLD) Administration
  • Marketing Your Student Employment Program
  • FWS - Allowable employment
  • FWS - Off-Campus Programs
  • FWS - Community Service

Participants will gain enhanced knowledge, skills and abilities that will help them with their personal and professional goals in addition to the following:

Track A:

  • Important legal information that could save the participant's university millions of dollars in litigation.
  • Review of Fair Labor Standards Act, IRS rules, FERPA and ADA compliance.
  • Regulations concerning employing international students.
  • Crucial information on interviewing students for jobs.
  • Methods of training supervisors.

Track B: 

  • Department of Education guidelines for Federal Work Study.
  • Help in setting up a FWS Community Service Program, developing jobs and maintaining employer relations.
  • Steps for reporting the FWS Community Service requirement, calculating earnings and using program models from other schools.
  • Tools for setting up, promoting, reporting and maintaining a successful Job Location and Development Program.
  • Marketing techniques to bring in more jobs and more students.
  • Tips on involving faculty in student employment programs.

Who should attend?

  • Student Employment administrators
  • Financial Aid advisors
  • Human Resource coordinators
  • Career counselors
  • Student Affairs professionals
  • Business and agency representatives
  • Anyone interested in student employment

Meet Your Trainers

Dawn Chong

Barbara L Cloutier

Lynn M Hoehn

Gloria D Jenkins

Valerie J Knopp

Paula McLain

Shannon O'Brien

Pamela Payne

David Reseigh

Eric Wordlow

Questions about SEE Training?

If you have questions, please contact:

Candace Washington, Vice President for Professional Development
Assistant Director
Ohio State University, The
281 West Lane Ave.
4th Floor
Columbus, OH 43210-1132
Phone: (614) 292-0277

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