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Thursday, January 26 @12pm (EST)

Student Employee of the Year: Why, When, and How? 

Our student employees are often some of the most invaluable members of our team. They show up, work up, and put forth their best efforts in gaining workplace skills all while maintaining their academic and social commitments. Naturally, we often want to show our students just how much we appreciate them beyond our typical “thank you” and “I’m glad you’re here” affirmations. That is where Student Appreciation Week and Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) can come into play! This is programming that is specifically established to show an extra level of appreciation to our student employees. In this webinar, we will discuss why participating in extra appreciation programming can be an important practice, what MASEA’s timeline looks like in regards to SEOTY, as well as how to implement SEOTY on your campus given the changes that have been made in the nomination and selection process for MASEA.

Presented by Kait Bedel (MASEA President) & Kristina Rittel (MASEA Past President)

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MASEA is always looking for webinars to offer to our membership. Consider sharing your wisdom, insight and tips and tricks with your fellow student employee administrator colleagues. You can lead a webinar on virtually anything, but suggested topics include work-study, supervisor training/support, community service, I-9 compliance, remote work/supervision and more. Have a great new communication tool you've been using? Set up an advisory board for student employment on your campus? We want to know! Webinars are typically 45 minutes of content with 15 minutes for question and answers. MASEA will host the zoom and facilitate for you!

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